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Yeah, I've been a bad, bad blogger... mi dispiace! During these last few months my job and this weather have kicked my ass without pause. Add a little seasonal affective disorder to the mix and the result is: no blogging. Barely anything blog-worthy to report in the last few weeks anyway! Been running through my regular meals and eating out quite a bit. But this sudden warm and sunny weather has recharged me! I am in the process of deep-cleaning my apartment, too, imagine that... it's amazing how just seeing the sun can motivate a person. :)

Ooh! I want to share with y'allz some blogs from my besties. Your Mouth Tastes Like Meat is my friend Sarah's blog, which she started recently. There's a post on there from our visit to Tommy's in Coventry! They make their own veggie burgers and omg... it was absolutely to die for. Probably because it's fried. And Tofutti milkshakes! We ate so much food that we were completely immobilized and felt as if we were going to die. But it was worth it.

The Daily Antics of Three Awesome Pigs follow's Olivia (formerly of Poor College Vegan) and her husband, Justin, in their adventures in raising 4 pigs, whom they rescued from Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary. They are absolutely darling and each have their own distinct personalities... I hope she updates soon!

Aww, I missed Christmas posting! Well, rest assured, I had an absolutely lovely holiday. Like, the fuggin' best ever. My mom and I (and my brother was present, providing support to my 'puter) spent a whole Saturday making Chocolate Peppermint Almond Butter from Heather Loves Almond Butter's blog! We also tried to make plain almond butter... but had no success. So since we had a ridiculous abundance of almonds, we roasted them in oil with cinnamon and sugar. :) And we also made Hannah's fudge! Just plain. And delish. We packaged them all up in baggies and gave them out to family and friends as gifts. We're definitely doing this again next year!

Oh, and if you want to get a better idea of how much fun my holiday was, take a look at this video my aunt put together from Christmas Eve. We were all dancing to Salt N Pepa's "Shoop". Drunk. At like one'o'clock in the morning. It was grand. I'm the one with the wiener dog.

Zomg! The Vegan Care Package Swap, organized by Lindsay of Cooking For A Vegan Lover! I received a package from Barb - who is from Canada, and lemme tell ya... sending a package to Canada is god damned expensive! I'm doing a local swap next year. But look at my loot from fellow blogger, Barb!!!

Organic lemonade juicebox, wasabi peas, organic popping cornz, Christmas Blend coffee, spinach rice vermicelli, Bumble Barz (!), the most amazing motherfucking chocolate chunks I have ever or will ever put in my mouth, a cute note, spicy chocolate, a date bar, tea bags. Nice haul! Those chocolate chunks (as her note explains) are the best in the entire world and I am terrified to use the other half of my bag in another batch of cookies because that means that they will be GONE. I really enjoyed the Bumble Bars, as well! The vermicelli are a good base for stir fry's and would probably make a good cold noodle salad. I can't wait for next year's swap! Thanks, Barb! :D

For those of you who have never heard of Daiya (and I doubt there are many of you), you probably think I am a traitor for posting such a delicious and obviously dairy-ridden personal pan pizza. Well shun me not! For it is the absolute best vegan cheese to date there is on the market. For realz, I was having the shittiest of days... but when I remembered that there would be a package from waiting for me when I got home with this masterpiece of cheesery I was instantly cheered up. I, uh, actually inhaled this first flatbread pizza and then immediately made another one and ate it before my pain receptors could tell me I should've let it cool for a bit. GO BUY SOME NOW. Your life will never be the same, and neither will this blog. There will be more Daiya creations to come!

Here's the rest of my haul from Vegan Essentials. I've heard wonderful things about those artichoke burgers! And We Can't Say It's Cheese?! Fuckin' amazing! I just had a little bit and it tasted just like queso. Amazing. Can't wait to make nachos or something! I also bought Olivia's birthday gift... but cannot post until she receives it!

This was lovely and refreshing to update this shizz. You'll be hearing more from me soon. :)

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