For shame, blogger!

I've been a bad, bad girl... I've been careless with a neglected photos. And it's a sad, sad world... when a girl will ignore a blog just because she caaan... well, actually that's not true. I've been pretty busy. Pretty busy moving in to a house with INTERNETS, that is. Yup, moved in w/ a friend and have taken over the 2nd floor. Returning to internetdom is very much like a kid in a candy store, but I have finally gotten around to updating this sad site.

Exciting news: It's that time of year again for Lindsay's Vegan Care Package Swap! Here's my loot from last year. I'm very excited for this round... and the reminder that Vegan MoFo is not too far away, either!

Let's get down to business, shall we?

The annual office BBQ at my work - vegan Boca burgers and all! They also had KT-friendly pasta salad this year. Yum. Had 2 burgers again. :O

Fettucine con aglio e olio from Casa D'Angelo. Lovely dinner date with my dad on Saturday. You know how it is visiting an Italian restaurant... "Okay, I'm either having spaghetti & marinara or a salad w/ just tomatoes & olive oil on it." Not this time! This dish included - completely unadulterated from the menu description - artichokes, olives, spinach, peppers, onion, and tons of garlic. Super tasty!

Traveling backward in time to my birthday party in early July. My wonderful boyfriend (whose hand makes a guest appearance in this photo) allowed my friends and myself to trash his house on the anniversary of my 23rd birthday (that means I'm 24). I whipped up a quick vegan spinach dip, using silken tofu instead of Veganaise to keep the fat content low, served with pumpernickel, cukes, and carrots. Also, milano cookies w/ a hint of maple, fresh cherries, pretzels, and pistachios. Some healthy choices to offset the massive alcohol intake. From what I remember, it was a good night. :)

Another visit to Melt Bar & Grilled, mmm... sammy with FYH mozzarella, wilted garlic spinach, roasted red peppers, grilled onions, 'matoes. D-lish. I have to get up there before the end of the month b/c they August special is the "Guitar Gyro" and, as always, they are offering a vegan version!

Downtown Akron hot spot, Crave, offers all of one veganizable dishes - but it's worth it. The grilled vegetable panini includes asparagus, peppers, onions, and eggplant with a hot pepper jelly on ciabatta. Out of this world! The jelly makes this sandwich. I've had this dish at least 3 times over the last few months.

Lastly, a Father's Day celebration. Both of my uncles' families gathered with my own on a sweltering, yet gorgeous summer afternoon. Luckily, my aunt had prepared peach sangria - but unluckily for you readers I did not take a pic. It was the perfect refreshment, as well as my Labatt Blue's. And look at all this vegan goodness! I threw together a black bean dip w/ falafel chips as an app and my cousin & his girlfriend created a fantastic roasted red pepper hummus. My aunt also made an outstanding salsa from scratch (none of these are pictured, either, bad KT!). I had almost filled up on dippables before we were handed our plates. Let's dissect, shall we: black bean vegan burgers w/ an amazing spicy sauce from (I believe) Costa Rica, corn rubbed w/ olive oil & spices, vegan broccoli salad made w/ Vegenaise (my uncle's gf is incredible!), my mom's out-of-this-galaxy garlicky, balsamicky bean/veggie/pasta salad aside her homemade vegan baked beans. I ate like a god damned king that day among my beloved familiy. Even though I love the holidays, there's something about summer family gatherings that the snow just can't come close to replacing.

I hope to update soon!

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