Treehugger's Cafe

Hello, bloggers. I am going to try to get into the habit of blogging more frequently because November is Vegan MoFo! I was mildly disappointed when I heard it would be a month later this year - it excites me so! - but this will give me more time to prepare! I have been alternating between weeks of cooking almost daily - big meals to take to work the next day and such - and eating cereal, Subway, and a veggie burger every day. My motivation is totes whack right now. But that's just what the change of the season does to me. Sigh. Trying to kick myself back into gear here! So let's recap last night, shall we?

Last night was date night and the bf and I visited Treehugger's Cafe in Berea, thanks to a $30 for $15 deal via Groupon! First time visiting this restaurant, and we do not regret it. They're an omni establishment, but very veg-, raw, and gf-friendly. The interior was beautifully decorated with colorful prints of wildlife along the walls, a special bulletin boards dedicated to our domesticated furry friends, and bookcases filled with t-shirts and other (presumably) local & health-conscious goods for sale. The atmosphere was very laid back - we dined on a big, comfy couch! And the staff? We were served by the most friendly, helpful, pleasant, astounding, and just lovely waitress I have ever encountered! We got lost on the way up there (damn you right to hell, GoogleMaps...), called the restaurant for some help and our future waitress answered, giving us detailed directions including landmarks - even though it was 20 minutes before closing! What an amazing experience. Wish we would have been able to get up there sooner so I had time to really take a good look around. They had deli AND bakery cases full of food made mostly in-house... my wallet would've been considerably lighter would that I had the chance to investigate further... onto the food!

Mmm, Ginger Peach iced tea... unsweetened, this bev really hit the spot. The ginger was very mild and the peach balanced very well with it.

Sweet tater fries!! Dusted with cinnamon and served with a honey mustard sauce (I got some ketchup for myself...). Perfection.

They used some monster tatoes, lookit!

My main: vegan oat veggie burger (I forget the formal name and that page of the menu isn't online anymore!) on Tuscan herb bread with "rice cheese", lettuce, and onion. Oh, and bomb-ass pineapple salsa! This burger was pretty good - kinda dry, but that might be because I got an end of the day batch... the salsa helped! I really liked the rice cheese, too. The coleslaw was very fresh, using cabbage and raddichio with a light dill dressing. It was very crunchy and I wasn't absolutely crazy about it. The bf got a salmon and risotto plate with a white dill sauce, which he said was really gooooood.

Lookit the size of that cookie, which I dug into this morning. Still moist, veeery chocolately - absolutely amazing.