Vegan MoFo: Better Know A Blogger

Day 2 of MoFo and still going strong... this is big, people. It puts a smile on my face to see so many new posts from bloggers who haven't updated in so long! This is what veganism is all about - everyone's passion and creativity makes me SWOON. Yet, in my excitement about other MoFo-ers' posts, I neglected to create any real plan for this month for my own blog. I have a few recipes and fall themed posts and tips for grad school nutrition in mind, yet I don't want to make you all fall in love too quickly, now, come on. So... let's take it slowly. Get to know each other better. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. *lights incense*

I went pescetarian in April of 2008 and have been vegan since June 2008 (quick transish, huh?) It all started with me hitting a deer. :O "Hitting a deer, you say?!" Yes. The poor thing did not seem to be badly injured, as I had slammed on my brakes with all my might. His bum bumped the side of my rapidly slowing vehicle and I saw him run off in my periphery. The whole ordeal had me shaken up quite a bit. It made me think: "If I almost killed an animal, involuntarily... what the hell am I doing every time I sit down at a restaurant and order meals with meat?"

Now, my tastebuds had never been cheerleaders for red meat and were accustomed to a little bit of chicken and seafood during the first 21 years of my life. I had always toyed with the idea of becoming vegetarian, yet the idea of that sort of commitment was off-putting to me. I wasn't ready. The experience with the deer really was the catalyst for adopting a new perspective on the world's creatures and the impact of my lifestyle. I had not heard the word "vegan" until one of my besties became one for a few months. Because I didn't ask questions I still really didn't know her reason for taking that path at the time (sidenote: She's now returned to veganism and has been a card-carrying member for over 3 years now - yay!).

As a person who needs to research the living shit out of things, I delved deeper and deeper into the world of vegetarianism on the interwebs (BTW, I called myself a vegetarian even though I still ate sushi with seafood. Oh, hindsight.). It was inevitable that the truths behind the dairy and egg industries would lead to 1am sob sessions on my couch, in the dark, as I repeated to myself "Oh god, I can never eat cheese again!" I just knew I couldn't continue with my diet knowing what I knew. I just COULDN'T. My transition was a little difficult, as I was dating an omnivore and had an omni roommate, as well. Yet I would not trade in my experience for the world.

There was one day when I tried fake bacon with Vegenaise on a "BLT" for the first time and almost puked. Started crying. Asked my current SO if they would judge me if I went back to being a vegetarian. Got a big ice cream sundae at Applebee's the next day with extra fudge and a side of regret. But I came back from the brink. And I am happier than ever with my diet, my possibilities, my network, my health, and my responsibility to inform and spread veganism far and wide. Veganism is teh awesomez.

I think I use the word "feel" in my line of work easily 25x a day. I'm currently working with adults with severe and persistent mental illness at a community health center doing group facilitation, which is part counseling and part education. While I'm doing that full time I am also pursuing a Master's degree in mental health counseling. Busy, busy, busy. My schedule can be quite 'diculous, if ya ask me, and I have noticed that it's starting to affect my diet/health.

There's a clip from the Simpsons in which Marge & one of the kids are at the duck pond or something and there are bread crumbs on the ground... in scramble a gaggle of grad students who hungrily peck at the morsels while their professor tries to wrangle them back into the classroom. That's... how I feel sometimes. My meals are so sporadic and usually based on convenience: lots of cereal, veggie burgers, fruit, Clif bars, Subway. If I have the energy on the weekend I like to prepare at least one large dish to provide at least one meal a day throughout the week (which I'll blerg about w/ recipes, promise!). Any bloggers out there currently in school? What kind of difficulties do you face concerning your dietary needs vs. your schedule?

Here's what I ate today: local franchise Aladdin's has THE BEST HUMMUS on the planet. Hands down, STFU, end of story. Rich, creamy, nutty... with their signature hot sauce on the side. True vegan comfort (and convenience) food right there.

I'll leave you a pic of my love bug, Dorian, as she adjusts to the change in temperature by unfolding and crawling INTO my warm, fresh-from-the-dryer laundry. Awww... This lovely little lady lump is my world and I love her to pieces. I'll post about her transition into veganism, as well, in the near future.

So... tell me a little bit about yourself. ;)