Vegan MoFo: Care Package!

Welcome to VeganMofo, fellow bloggers! :D :D :D I have to admit, I was feeling apprehensive about starting such a commitment again, after falling off the MoFo wagon early last year. Yet here I am! I revamped the blog so that you won't even recognize it (whaddya think?!) and am ready to share some awesomeness with y'allz. First things first, here is the vegan care package I received from my package-partner Stefanie (sadly, I lost the link to her blog and haven't been able to contact her via e-mail! :/). The swap was organized by Lindsay and this is my 2nd year participating.

Lookit all these goodies!! Stefanie included in her card how most of the products were local to the Santa Cruz area. Kickass.

Oh god, vegan chocolate cups... peppermint, turtle, peanut butter, coconut (which was AMAZING), and a mandarin spice cup. These were the first to go...

These soaps were the first thing I smelled when opening the package! They're currently sitting in my office b/c they smell so nice. :) And I love the lippy gloss!

Mmm, some savory treats. The bread pictured in the back is fantastic... kind of spicy and great in wraps. The ginger chews are like something I've never tasted! I plan on bringing them to work and having one with tea every now and then. I have yet to try the jerky, but it looks so good!

Holy mother. These are fantabulous. They were so rich and sticky and sweet and full of impressively healthy ingredients. I hated to see them go! Highly recommended, from a small company called Rusty's Handbuilt Cookies, located in Eugene, OR.

A bite inside the turtle cup... heaven.

Some fresh wraps made with Vegenaise, mushrooms, spinach, avocado, water chestnuts, and some sriracha atop the spinach thepla. Lovely light lunch.

Thanks so much, Stefanie, for the incredible package - I hope you can supply me with your link again so I can share it! Has anyone ever participated in a vegan care swap?

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