Vegan MoFo: Impromptu Meals

I am not the most creative person on the planet. Those who know me are well aware of this... I need to follow recipes PRECISELY. It is a rare occasion when I feel comfortable to just try making something out of nothing with no direction whatsoever. Yet lately I've been either finding vague inspiration from other blogs or following my cravings and making my own version of a favorite meal. Let's share.

My friend Liv made this lovely pesto dish with veggies and herbs straight from her garden. I wasn't involved in the creation of this dish, but I sure was involved in devouring it. I often forget how much I adore pesto... yum!

I call these bad boys Twenty Minute Twice Baked tatoes:

Amy's California Burger with asparagus between work and class. Can't go wrong. (Yes, this classifies as an impromptu meal, damnit)

My weird-ass take on chana masala. Basically I had a can of fire roasted tomatoes and a can of chickpeas and thought I could make some magic happen. Sauteed some onions and diced potatoes in EVOO. Added the maters and chickpeas. Spiced the hell out of it with whatever was in the spice cabinet. Let it simmer with a little extra water added for about 20 minutes. Served with a side of brown rice (no basmati, unfortch). Not bad. Certainly not authentic... but still yummers!

Have you ever gone into the kitchen and blindly started adding ingredients to a pan or skillet - and enjoyed the end result?

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