Vegan MoFo: Noms of Convenience

My schedule is just not allowing me to become very involved in efficient MoFo-ery. This is disappointing. What was NOT disappointing was my monster brunch yesterday. I originally wanted to make a big pancake brekkie for the bf, but we slept in far too late and he had to go to work. So I spent only about 25 minutes in the kitch whipping up this fantastic plate:

Tofu scramble (onions, red & green peppers, mushies, Gimme Lean, Daiya, black salt) with home fries, jellied toast, and a naner. Hot dog! Filled me up, but not to the point of stomach explosion.

I had been seeing Evol's burritos in freezer cases nearly every health store I visited... yet they were all omni or vegetarian flavors. SUCK. Welp, I inadvertently tracked down the Veggie Fajita flavor. Which is awesome! 'Specially with some Tofutti & Frank's RedHot on top.

Oh yeah, baby...

VegNews' 2010 Product of the Year was Gardein. My favorite product from them, so far, is their Seven Grain Crispy Tenders. Fan-fuck-tastic. They're the perfect level of greasy and nostalgic - best served schmeared with a sweet BBQ sauce. And sweet potato fries.

I don't remember what this was called and it's not on the website yet... sweet and sour chick'n or something. The sauce was actually very nice, even smothering my steamed broccoli. The protein... reminded me very much of pork. And I don't know how that made me feel. Served with some warm cornbread (wtf kind of combo is that?), it was a nice meal, but nothing to write home about.

Alternatively, their Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick'n is god damned awful. It may be because I ordered it from Vegan Essentials and it had thawed out almost completely in transit... but I doubt it. The sauce was bland and disgusting. I tried frying the protein and it never progressed beyond mushy. Total failure. Ugh.

I'm hoping to become more inspired as the week wear's on, but I have many a project/paper to work on... probably be seeing some more convenience noms. What's your favorite fast & stupid-easy go-to meal?

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