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Us vegans get a lot of flack for having vegan animals. If done responsibly, many domesticated animals can thrive (no... not just survive) on a vegan diet. Dogs, who are omnivorous, have special dietary needs and considerations - just as humans do. An argument I've heard many times stresses the differences between the human digestive system and a dog's, as if that never has crossed a veghead's mind. I'm not going to give my dog a portion of my apples and pistachios brekkie and call that a meal for her, no way. That's why I researched V-Dog really well before deciding to transition her.

V-Dog is an impressive product. It boasts all the nutrients a dog needs in its diet in kibble form. Dori loves these little nuggets. And, for a three year old pooch, she has the energy level of a friggin' 6 month old. Never has she shown signs of lethargy (except for when mama's leaving for work in the morning and the little grouch just wants to crawl back under the warm covers, of course) and has always been an observant and vibrant little twerp.

My little booger-butt has had her urine tested at the vet and was found to have a moderately high ph level, as well as the presence of some crystals in her bladder. To offset these unsavory symptoms I have been feeding her Cranimals supplement, which includes cranberry and other berry extracts as well as Omega 3's and other essential nutrients for all of her bodily functions. She LOVES this shit. It's the weirdest thing. I think she'd stick her paw in the bag and use it as a FunDip if she had the dexterity.

I love treating my little bugaboo with Zuke's organic bite-sized biscuits - so far she's tried Mean Greens and Health Nutz. This line is entirely vegan and packed with nutrition. She doesn't even know the difference. These things are like crack to her - I can't even go near her treat shelf without her getting all excited and whatnot.

This little girl has been vegan for close to a year and a half, and successfully. She is full of life and has a veterinary team who is fully supportive of her diet. Dachshunds are especially prone to excessive weight gain, from which Dori is protected by her diet. She eats just as much as she needs and has maintained a steady weight since her transition. Watching other owners with fat wieners respond in shock when they see how fit she is compared to their kielbasas always makes me laugh. Yup, I have one happy, healthy weenie.

Lookit dat face!

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