Happy Holidays, all.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I have a lot to share from a truly splendid holiday. As per tradition, my family meets at my mom's house every year on X-mas Eve and there is wine, food, wine, games, wine, laughter, wine, gifts, and wine. It is awesome. Last year my mother and I spent a day making peppermint almond butter, cinnamon glazed almonds, and fudge for our relatives. This year I took on my own baking adventure and made a bunch of yummy treats to give out. Shall we start?

Big Lots Christmas tins, baby! Adorable.

This and more kept me in the kitchen for 4.5 hours: S'mores bars, vegan fudge, and cranberry pecan cookies. I had leftovers of all of these and, lemme tell ya, the S'mores bars are fantastic! I used up a container of Ricemellow that was sitting in my cupboard for these... so sinful.

WTF?! Homemade vegan baklava, baby. My dad saw me munching on a piece on X-mas Eve and protested - until I told him I made them, haha. :) This was a hell of a lot of work to make - but my OCD mind appreciated it very much once I got into a pattern of layering, buttering, spreading, repeating. I didn't use the full amount of syrup called for in the recipe, but if you are going to give it a try - do so! I like my baklava sweet, damnit. These were so sticky-delicious, can't wait for another excuse to make them.

Some of the vegan-friendly spread, buffet-style for the holiday: I made spinach dip according to the classic Knorr vegetable dip packet recipe. The omnis never knew. ;)

Mmm, authentic hummus from the Middle Eastern market. My mom's fave! Very lemony and very good.

BROCCOLI FUCKING SALAD. You know my love affair for this dish... we have been apart for so long. Passion: reignited. *rawr*

My (first) plate, w/ some raw veggies and olives. Happy KT!

Oh yeah... Christmas Day dinner with the fam. My mom made an omni lasagna plus helped me make a deconstructed vegan version. I mixed in about a cup & a half of cashew cream (with lemon juice and nooch) with a jar of garlicky sauce, sauteed veggies, and spaghetti. Topped with pine nuts and pepper and NOM!

What a fabulous holiday. I had such an excellent time and hope all of you had the same. Now go drink some vegan cocoa. :D

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