Noms of Lazy

Ugh. These past few weeks have been despicable in terms of blog-worthy eats. I've eaten many delicious things, although they have been very convenience-based and not very creative. I am forcing myself to eat more fresh foods and spend more time cooking dishes myself (that starts tomorrow, btw). These early months just fuckin' kill me. Lazy, mildly depressed, unmotivated, exhausted... yuck. Here are some of the yummy things that I have eaten recently, but did not make myself. :)

Tempeh reubenz!! Mmm. Olivia made rye bread and sauteed up some tempeh to make this crowd-pleasing sammich. She also whipped up a tangy thousand island dressing and homemade wedge fries. Top these babies with some saurkraut and we were in business. Carby and fantastic.

Ikea fuel!!!!!!!!!! My mom and I stopped at Moe's a few weekends ago to fuel up for a trip to Ikea in Pittsburgh. This bowl has rice, all kinds of veggies, beans, salsa, guacamole, and seasoned tofu. Not bad, but I think I still prefer Chipotle.

Yeeeah, buddy. VegiTerranean with my friend Manda. She ordered the truffled wild mushrooms and caramelized cippolini bruschetta with herbed cashew cheese and Daiya.

I started out with the butternut squash soup with apple cider gastrique. Phenomenal! The apple cider flavor lends just a hint of tangy-fruity wonder to this already tasty soup.

Omfg. Fresh spinach fettucini with wild mushrooms and roasted artichoke madeira thyme cashew cream sauce. This is fucking sinful. SO creamy, SO melt-in-your-mouth delicous... I would order this again in a heartbeat. Five million stars.

If I could cook like this at home, we wouldn't have a problem! What do you do to stay motivated during the winter months to maintain kitchen enthusiasm?

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