Delicious Noms on the GO!

Yup. Still haven't reignited the passion between myself and the kitchen. Very busy with work and school, and I have a third 8-wk class starting up this week. So a lot of my food has been predictable. But I do have some highlights to report!!

Look at this beauty! A lovely vegan birthday cake for two of my co-workers. Each month someone on our team has a birthday we celebrate with cake during one of our team meetings. I took on the task of picking up the cake and, god damnit, it sure as hell was gonna be vegan. The only place in the Akron area which I know can veganize a cake is West Side Bakery, which provides most of the desserts for our local vegan sensation, VegiTerranean. This right here is a yellow cake with raspberry buttercream filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. OMG. This was the best cake I have ever had. SO unbelievably moist and sweet - it literally melted in my mouth. Although bakery prices are not in our budget to provide this delicacy every month, I would love to have an excuse to pick one of these up again!

Another surprising find - "ham" salad sandwich from Ms. Julie's Kitchen. I've blogged about this place before - it's such a diamond in the rough! Her menu changes almost daily and is always stocked with delectable vegan dishes which she creates from scratch, using fresh local farmer's market ingredients. The "ham" salad here is comprised of carrot and beet pulp leftover from juicing. Slathered with Vegenaise and served on toasted spelt bread, this sammy was filling, tangy, and surprisingly tasty. I've already ordered it twice!

Oh, Amy's. I've seen this entree in many a grocer's freezer but never took a chance on it. The other day I brought it to work for lunch and it was the perfect comfort food for a gray, cold Ohio day. The gravy is sweet and tomato-y and the loaf is made with lentils - so yummy. I would definitely purchase this again.

Crappy pic, I know. But when you're out on the town for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner date at VegiTerranean with your sweetie, a flash camera just doesn't cut it. This is the Gardein Chicken Piccata: chicken scallopini sauteed with a lemon white wine caper soy butter sauce, served with braised greens and rosemary white bean mashed potato. Fantastic!

This was made a little while ago as an afternoon snack. Gena's delicious ranch dressing paired with some veggies for dipping. I can't find the recipe on the site anymore, although would recommend making this dressing. I would cut the vinegar content a little, but that's just my preference.

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