Beanfields' Healthy *Nacho* Chips!

The nice folks at Beanfields contacted me a few weeks ago requesting a review of their snacks, which are quickly gaining attention in the vegan and health communities. I was ecstatic because this is the first time a company has approached me to review their product! But when I learned what flavors their hearty chips offered I really became excited...

Nacho flavored chips! YES. I believe I noticed this flavor before absorbing anything else about the product at its core. All of their chips are made from black and navy beans and rice - no corn, gluten, dairy, or other common allergens. They also proudly display their use of non-GMO ingredients. Each serving has 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber - pretty impressive for chips!

The company appears to be on the rise and has earned its acclaim at VegNews' 2012 Natural Products Expo West, bringing home the "Best in Show" title. I am confident that we will be seeing these hit health stores nationwide soon!

I received 5 of the 6oz. bags (3 Nacho, 1 Pico de Gallo, 1 Sea Salt) and 3 single serving bags (2 Nacho, 1 Pico de Gallo). I immediately threw one of the single serving bags into my purse to bring to my class after I gushed over how much snacking I had to do.

When I opened the bag to the Nacho chips I was expecting to see the neon-orange dusted triangles so familiar to my teenaged years, yet these were darker and less florescent. With visible flecks of black beans and light seasoning these looked much healthier than the non-vegan nacho snacks. The taste was hearty and satisfying and the nacho flavoring was subtle, but definitely reminiscent of the junk food of my youth. If you're expecting an explosion of salty flavor you might be disappointed upon trying these, but I find that with my adult palate I was very pleased. They were impressively cheesy considering the seasoning did not include nutritional yeast!

The next night in class I brought along the Pico de Gallo flavored chips to try. These were a bit darker and had a deeper flavor, probably because they were spicier than the nacho flavor. These would be excellent dipped in guacamole (mmm!). Overall I am very satisfied about both flavors and couldn't say which I like best (and I haven't tried the Sea Salt version yet!) - they are each unique and very, very tasty. And the chips are filling snacks, unlike corn, tortilla, or potato chips - they held me over all evening.

Thank you very much to the folks at Beanfields for introducing me to their products - I will gladly spread the joy of finally having a vegan nacho chip option out there that boasts healthy and satisfying ingredients!