Vegan MoFo: Celery Bisque

It's Work It Wednesday up in Vegan Noms! The very first food to come to mind when pondering what ingredients I usually avoid or generally do not care for... was celery. Yes, celery. The most bland and innocent of the crudités, celery is alright with peanut butter and maybe even dipped in vegan ranch... but when you cook the stuff?? Blech! The flavor changes completely, it's all transparent and stringy and whatnot - well, as you can tell, I was apprehensive to take on the task of forcing myself to make a cooked celery dish.

I chose a celery bisque, which appeared simple enough: sauteed celery and onion, subbed veggie broth, garlic and salt, and silken tofu. Couldn't be too bad, right?

While everything smelled divine during the cooking process, the final result? Meh. It tasted like celery and veggie broth. I may have also been put off by the distinct, yet mild, flavor of unseasoned, raw tofu. I wouldn't make the recipe again, but I wouldn't totally eschew cooked celery in a future dish.

Is there an ingredient which makes you flinch, yet you secretly wish you tolerated? Do tell!