Nuzest Protein Powder - Yum!

A while back, Gena of Choosing Raw had a contest to win some vegan protein powders from Nuzest. Sadly, I was not the winner, but almost everyone who entered received a 30% off coupon for one of their products. AND they sent us a sample! The vanilla flavor was really very pleasant. Some protein powders are overpowering or have a distinct chemical tasteā€¦ Nuzest powder is none of those things! The flavor was very mild and just sweet enough to enjoy on its own, as well as mixed with other foods.

Using the coupon, I ordered a container of their Creamy Cappuccino flavor. Yum! So many protein powders out there have the same, predictable flavors (chocolate or vanilla, please?). Nuzest has 5: Just Natural, Smooth Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, Creamy Cappuccino, and Wild Strawberry.

What separates Nuzest powders from the rest is the ingredient list. The Just Natural flavor has one ingredient. ONE: 100% pea protein isolate. The others have natural flavors (such as  "coffee" and "cocoa extract") and are sweetened with the katemfe fruit, a West African plant, which is also known as Thaumatin (a protein and natural sweetener). Their products boast being a complete source of amino acids for building protein, being an alkaline food (pH of 7.8), and and being allergen free.

Although the price tag is a bit hefty (500g tub for $45, before tax and shipping), I would probably splurge on their products again, from time to time. It's nice mixing up the protein powder routine and the Creamy Cappuccino flavor is great in oatmeal! Next up: I'd love to try the Wild Strawberry.

If you use protein powders for your workouts, what is your favorite brand/flavor?