Homemade Coconut Bacon, FTW

Coconut bacon has taken the vegan world by storm, and with good reason: it is sinfully delicious. Whether packed into a wrap, sprinkled onto a salad, or serving as a smokey crown for a maple buttercream cupcake (are you drooling yet?), coconut bacon is just so hot right now.

Phoney Baloney's makes a fantastic product, and even is offering new and interesting flavors of their coco-bacon. Yet, sometimes it is easier on one's wallet to try and recreate innovative eats at home. Enter: the easiest, yummiest coconut bacon recipe you'll ever find.

For this recipe I used an entire bag of Let's Do… Organic Toasted Coconut Flakes. The flakes came out perfectly with the right amount of stirring. We enjoyed these babies right off the pan, as well as on top of BLT salads and bean-and-veggie bowls.

What's your favorite use for coconut bacon?