"Neat" Meat, Made from Pecans, Chickpeas, & Cornmeal, is Your New Taco Topper

Vegan and vegetarian meats are taking the world by storm. Now you can find everything from sausages to scallops in veggie form. Yet, not all veg meats are created equally… some, in fact, can have hefty ingredient lists or contain high sugars and "unhealthy" fats.

Newer to the scene is Neat, "A Healthy Replacement for Meat. The ingredients are simple, pronounceable, and each individually appealing on their own. And the preparation process couldn't be simpler, as all that is required for many of their products are water, egg replacer, and a pan.

For Taco Tuesday this week we prepared the Mexican Mix, which is a combination of pecans, garbanzo beans, whole grain gluten free cornmeal, garlic, onion, sea salt, and spices.

The verdict? Pretty yummy! The texture is about as expected: a bit on the grainy side (seems one might have to toy around with the water ratio), yet toothsome. The flavors rock, though, and add a nice base upon which to build the ultimate taco or burrito.

What's your favorite taco foundation food?

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