Weekly Wisd-Nom 7.26.15

This week we look at food photography tips from a master, the science of "hangry," a meeting place for vegan menfolk, the softer side of metalheads, and how to approach ex-vegans. Hurrah!

Check out these detailed food photography tips for bloggers by Vegan YumYum and take your photos to a whole new level. [Photo: Pexels]

Ever wondered about the science behind feeling "hangry?" Well, wonder no longer. [Photo: Flickr]

George Matthews' "A Vegan Man" website+blog is the spot for support and resources when navigating omni and veg circles as a vegan dude. [Photo: Pixabay]

Metalhead musicians pose with their cats and it is awesome. [Photo: Flickr]

Ginny Messina, The Vegan R.D., talks about how to prevent ex-vegans by focusing on nutrition. [Photo: Pixabay]