Miyoko's Artisan Cheeses Perfect for a Winery Picnic

There's nothing like visiting a beautiful, peaceful winery, sitting outdoors in the evening sun, and laughing with loved ones over a glass of vino. My family had this opportunity a few weekends ago when we celebrated my father's retirement. The Winery at Wolf Creek is a laid back and dreamy location - you can walk down to the nearby reservoir, through the fields, and right up to the fences where friendly goats await treats (I hope the goats are well-cared for, as they are used for their milk).

Wanting to impress the fam with the wonders of artisan vegan cheese, I knew that Miyoko's Kitchen was the way to go. Having been blown away by her "cultured nut products" at the past few Vida Vegan Cons, there was no doubt that these savory spreads would please any omnivore.

Using my brand new Ohio-shaped, slate cheese board, the combination of cheeses selected were both beautiful and mouth-watering...

To make sure we had a variety of flavors, I went with the Smoked Farmhouse (much like a hard, smoked cheddar - wonderfully robust), Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic (creamy, dreamy, with a strong garlicky tang), and the Mt. Vesuvius Black ash (mild, tasty, plus it looks super-cool).

We used the Miyoko's Kitchen cheese knives from our VVC swag bags!

Happily, my omni family enjoyed the spread. Some other veg foods in our eclectic spread included brown rice sushi, olives, fresh fruit, crackers, and chocolate bark. A night to remember!