Vegan MoFo: Mung Bean Fettucini Alfredo!

Welcome to MoFo 2012, bloggers! Another year is upon us and I am so excited to be a part of the festivities again. I remember the first year I witnessed MoFo was in its second year... I had just started rudimentary blogging and was in absolute AWE of the beautiful and drool-worthy posts all around me. Sigh. Now it's year SIX and there is more content out there than you could shake a bag of nooch at... So let's get started!

Some of you may be familiar with the Whole Life Challenge in which I am participating (no grains, sugars, alcohol, or processed foods). Well, we are two weeks in and I'm feeling really great! My appetite is leveling out and cravings are being satisfied with healthier foods. I still have tons of energy to tackle my daily tasks and am appreciating the improvement in flexibility my daily yoga is providing. What have I been eating this week? Let's start with some pasta.

Mung Bean pasta, that is! While searching, in vain, for a pasta made from quinoa or amaranth that didn't also have other grain flours, I stumbled upon this at my local health food store. Made just from beans?! I had to give it a try.

The recipe that had been on my mind was my Creamy Miso Alfredo... so rich, cheesy, alfredo-y... I had to have it. Luckily these noodles served as a pleasant foundation for the dish. They had a different taste and texture than wheat noodles, yet it wasn't that bad. I'm not sure if I would try them again soon, but they definitely served to satisfy my need for an old favorite meal.

Cheers to trying new things! Which is what you can expect from Vegan Noms in the coming weeks. I have some giveaways in mind, updates on stellar recipes and meal planning, and some other ideas floating around. :) So, please, come back for seconds!

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